The complexities of consent that western societies are experiencing today can easily be attributed to the feminist agenda which is so emotionally driven to abolish “misogyny” that it is often blind to logic.  Upon deeper examination of gender and consent we can see that social issues like the #MeToo movement highlight errors in modern ways […]

earlier in 2018 i came to the conclusion that i was no longer in pursuit of the meaning of life or the knowledge of how to achieve happiness. i reached a point where i felt as though i had finally understood everything. i also maintain this position. i have nothing else to learn. any new […]

We are taught that the stress response is unwarranted when our brain perceives things in our environment which are not a real threat to safety. It happens when we’re in a traffic jam, struggling with tight finances, and when we have a major test coming up. These things won’t kill us and therefore the stress […]

As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I identify all too well with the struggle to discern which are truly the best ways to conduct oneself and live a good life.  Us perfectionists do it for a valid reason – we know that the best things in life are the those which make us feel happy and fulfilled. […]