Why Left vs. Right is a False Dichotomy

I’m not neither leftist nor right. I think you should keep what is good and change what is bad. The problem is that right now, we do not have a clear understanding of what is good or what is bad. Some of us do, but society as a whole is quite misguided. We see things like pay inequality and immediately think that it’s bad without considering the factors which make it the case. We tend to form our beliefs based on our emotions, not rational thought. This is the problem. Something conservative and seemingly oppressive is not necessarily bad. Gender roles are not necessarily bad. Just as something “liberating” may not necessarily be good. We, the public do not always know what is best for us. That is why we need scientists, and science which is carried out as objectively as possible.

If we do not have this then we cannot and should not be making such strong generalizations, such as the one that we do not have equality. The term equality itself has been so misconstrued that we have forgotten its true meaning. We have become so focused on the idea of equal outcomes for all that we are forgetting the reality of our differing needs.

Men and women are fundamentally different by virtue of their reproductive capacities. These differences put us as different disadvantages. Our resources should therefore be directed at creating fairness, not equality. Because there will never be equality of outcome so long as we are a gendered species.

What we can do instead in order to create fairness is allocate resources in such a way that no one feels more stressed than other members of the society in which he or she lives.

Both left and right want the highest good for all people. Every mentally healthy human being, whether conservative or liberal, wants to live in a world where everyone is happy. True racism, homophobia, etc. do not exist anymore. The only thing that is different between the right and the left is the approach to government. No one is being “oppressed” in either approach.

However, I will say this. The left currently operates on a model of conflict – meaning, a “me vs. other” mentality. In this model, conflict is endlessly perpetuated. Individuals must practice all roles for the sake of equality. This creates stress (from an increased cognitive load) and cognitive dissonance. Resources are allocated equally, despite the fact that certain individuals need less of them.

The right, in contrast, advocates community-based and traditional values. In such a model, individuals still take on multiple roles, but these roles are fewer and specified to best suit their own personal strengths. Resources are allocated to alleviate the stresses that individuals are faced with as a result of their weaknesses. Consequently, the outcome for each person is generally different, but there is one exception: everyone is as happy and healthy as possible.

The left sees parts, whereas the right sees a whole.

The left sees individuals, whereas the right sees communities.

The left promotes narcissism, whereas the right promotes love.

The left sees problems, whereas the right sees solutions.

The left wants rhetoric, whereas the right wants truth.

The left is chaos, whereas the right is order.

And, what those on the left don’t realize is that their beloved “freedom” cannot be attained within their model of society. Because true freedom exists in order. It is within the sanity and simplicity that structure and tradition provide. Every action that we take has a consequence. And when we do things which provide us with instant gratification, but do not align with what will create the best good for our personal biological makeup, we will suffer a negative consequence. That is not freedom. It is not freedom when we live in a society which makes us feel that we all can and should do the same things, ignoring the fact that certain behaviours are harmful for certain people but not others.

It was this year that I finally realized that the loss of traditional values in western society was the cause of my own personal mental chaos. I realized that this imposition of individualism was another way of being told to “fend for myself.” Well, I want a government who truly protects me – an authoritarian one. And, for this reason, I will be voting right from now on – regardless of the fact that my political and economic views are actually liberal. The social costs of being under libertarian governance are simply not worth it.

Author: Angela Monique

A thinker and feeler.